Editing (English)


You have written a text in English and are looking for an experienced native English speaker who will go beyond merely checking spelling, punctuation and grammar as your text requires more thorough stylistic and structural editing.


This process involves more than precision and producing an easily readable, idiomatic text. When editing your text I will pay particular attention to ensuring that

  • the content of your text is expressed clearly, comprehensibly and precisely,
  • the text is consistent and logically structured,
  • the author's personal style is not lost.

I have many years of experience of working with the most diverse English texts, subject areas and linguistic styles – from the writing to the galley-proofing stage. That enables me to go beyond mere proof-reading and to deliver a high-quality text that professionally serves your intended purpose.


My mother tongue is British English, which is why I use British English spelling, punctuation and idiom.



If you have a specific enquiry, you can either » contact me directly or » request a quote.