Proofreading (English)


You have a text that you have written in English and are looking for an experienced native English speaker with a distinct feel for language and a well-trained eye for detail to proofread it for you. Let me put the finishing touches to your text.


Proofreading requires attention to detail and precision. I focus especially on

  • correct and consistent spelling and punctuation,
  • ensuring that the style and tone suits the text's intended purpose, and the use of the right terminology,
  • and, naturally, perfect grammar.

Your text will leave a professional impression if it is written in correct, idiomatic English.


I am most frequently asked to proofread the following types of text:

  • Academic texts, dissertations and research applications in diverse subject areas,
  • Applications, CVs,
  • Articles, newsletters, annual reports,
  • Websites.

My mother tongue is British English, which is why I use British English spelling, punctuation and idiom.



If you have a specific enquiry, you can either » contact me directly or » request a quote.