Translation (German -> English)


For me, the art of translation lies in transferring the content of the German source text fully and precisely into idiomatic, easily readable English without, however, losing any of the style and diction of the original. Mastering this balancing act is both a challenge and motivation.


After starting my translation career as a generalist, I have in recent years begun to specialise in the following areas:

  • Politics
  • Law and legal affairs
  • Culture, the arts and exhibitions
  • Film

My ability to rapidly grasp new material and topics allows me to work on texts in areas that were previously less familiar to me.


I am most frequently asked to translate the following types of texts:

  • Speeches, speaking notes, presentations
  • Written pleadings, judgments, laws, contracts, rules of procedure
  • Press releases, articles, brochures
  • General correspondence, applications, CVs, references
  • Film scripts, film treatments 

My mother tongue is British English and as a rule I translate into British English.



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